Ricks Cafe Negril, Jamaica

ricks cafe negril jamaica

Ricks Cafe Negril is the mother of all cliff-diving experience and is enjoyed by many people. If you are one of those brave souls, then you must visit the famous Ricks Cafe Negril that adrenaline pumping experience. This popular spot found on the westerly coast of the Negril’s cliffs, is more than just for cliff-jumping. It is also known for having one of the most spectacular sunset views, a place to sip a cold

Jamaican beer at the bar, enjoy a sumptuous meal at the restaurant or dip in the pool on the property. If you prefer not to jump from the cliff yourself, you can watch some of the local daredevils do heart-stopping acrobatics from the diving platforms, so high up, you can hardly see them until they dive to the azure waters of the ocean. At Ricks Cafe Negril, you can just let your spirit be free to jump or not jump.

So, you choose to jump, then you will find yourself in the air at one moment and in the next minute, you will be in the water, surrounded by warm smiles and friendly fish. After that heart throbbing epic activity, calm your spirits and clear your mind with the best view of the beautiful, peaceful setting sun. This uninterrupted view is one of the reasons why Ricks Café is always so populated (next to the cliff of course). Don’t forget to bring your camera as this is where you will experience nature in one of the finest settings. Nothing can compare to that beauty.

ricks cafe negril

To end your day tour in Negril, have a walk around the area or visit the Negril Lighthouse which is a stone throw away and offers a splendid view of the coast. If you want just a bit more, visit Whoopees Park and rest in hammocks on the well-kept lawn of ‘nature’s hidden paradise’.

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